Latest TV obsession: Odd Mom Out

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What started off as an innocent early-morning read on an article in Vogue turned into a full-fledged marathon of the first season of Bravo’s new TV series, Odd Mom Out. The show chronicles the trials and tribulations of an “outsider” mom (read: upper-middle class) against the hyper-competitive, super-exclusive enclave of the top 0.1% of wealthy Manhattan mothers all trying to keep up with the Joneses. Having lived in the crazy island of Manhattan for a year and a half myself, I can attest to the veracity of everything I saw on this show, with slight exaggerations here and there. But the one thing Manhattan women know how to do best is to look stylish and boy do the mothers on this show nail style. Highly encourage watching this! The wit and dry humor fuel the comedy in the show. While the first season has now ended, I eagerly anticipate the arrival of Season 2.

Check out a clip of the series here:


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