Currently Appreciating: New York Times “36 Hours” Segments

I’ve been obsessed with watching re-runs of two Anthony Bourdain shows on the Travel channel during my off-time these days (which, to be frank, is quite a lot) – Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations and The Layover. Having taken an intro-level Anthropology course in my undergraduate days, I’m keenly aware of the relationship between food and culture and having an outspoken individual such as Mr Bourdain experience a culture via its cuisine is fascinating (and mouth-watering) to watch.

Of all newspaper publications, I probably respect and revere the New York Times the most. It was what served as a guideline/template for me when I was Editor in Chief of my high school newspaper. I’ve known about their “36 Hours” segments, in which a specific city is explored for 36 hours along with where to eat/see/go out, but didn’t look too much further into it until recently.

I’ve lived in Seattle for just over a month now which I suppose still makes me a newbie to this city, but I genuinely appreciated the suggestions I gained from the 36 Hour segment of Seattle. I now have a handful of new suggestions to check out when next I visit Portland (a 3 hour drive south of Seattle). Of course, the segment on Paris was very sentimental as I lived there for a semester three years ago in an apartment complex in the 15ème arrondissement just 10-minutes walking distance from la Tour Eiffel. Try taking a look and see if you find your city covered in the NYT 36 Hours segments and if you’ve yet explored any of the places uncovered by the NYT! The 36 Hours series is also a great starting point for brainstorming future vacation destinations. Happy Monday 🙂


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