Healthy Living: Advocating a Balanced Lifestyle

I’ve gone through my fair share of yo-yo dieting and extremes in exercise (from burning up to 800 Calories per gym session to going through a period of 2 years where I didn’t even own a pair of sneakers). While those are all stories for another post, I’d like to highlight today’s read of the day, 5 Ways to Add Health and Fitness Into Your Busy Schedule, as the concept of taking care of your body – you only get one! – is something that can easily fall to the wayside in the midst of our busy lives. Even more difficult if you’re a young 20-something working his/her first corporate job. But there’s really no short cut to overall well-being if both mind and body are not at optimal capacity. While I’m not a nutritionist by any means, I can definitely attest from experience that diet and exercise truly assist in making sure both mind and body are in top condition.

Below are some points I found very important/convincing in the article.

#1 Make short and long-term goals

It’s easy to be overly ambitious and deem daily exercise as a short-term goal however like the article mentions, even something like attempting to consume one green juice a day is a valiant short-term goal. In my attempt to follow through on my own goals, below are my own short- and long-term goals:

Short-term goals

  • Run outdoors at least twice a week
  • Make a green smoothie at least twice a week

Long-term goals

  • Run a 5k by year-end
  • Exercise 4x a week

#2 Get support

Back in NYC I had a fitness buddy at work. While we did not get the chance to work out together as we lived in different boroughs of Manhattan, we would constantly keep each other posted on our experiences with IF (Intermittent Fasting) as well as our weekly workout regimens. I’ve been looking to find something similar here in Seattle and might very well try join a free running club. Unfortunately there isn’t one that close by my home so I’ll have to relegate joining the running groups on weekends. But trying something new is always worthwhile!

#4 Water, water, water!

While I’m still trying to work up to drinking 1L of filtered water with the juice of 1 lemon every morning, I’ve at least kept a habit of drinking out of & refilling my 20 oz Klean Kanteen throughout the day. While I probably accomplish drinking something close to only 40 oz of water/day, that leaves room for me to assay 24 more fl oz of water per day.

#5 Eat a BALANCED meal

It’s far too easy to just grab a muffin and call that a meal, however, that’s not exactly a balanced meal. All you’re getting in that instance are just carbs and fat. I was far better this summer about incorporating copious fresh fruits and vegetables into my diet in at least two of three meals but I’ve recently let go of that mentality for whatever reason.. time to get back at making sure I incorporate fresh produce along with a good source of protein (salmon, chicken breast, quinoa, etc) as often as I can.


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