How was your weekend?

It’s the standard weekly question. I appreciate it for its universality – it’s as normal to pose that to a complete stranger as it is to ask a lifelong friend. What ultimately determines the nature of the response lies with the individual to whom the question was asked. Do you choose to give a curt, polite response or actually be honest and give a brief but sufficient highlight reel?

I for one am trying to get better at documenting the events of my ever-so-packed weekends in addition to moving away from the one or two word response to the question. At my domicile, in between catching a rerun of The Proposal (one of my guilty-pleasure comedies) and making green pasta, I recreated The Londoner’s banana pancakes this morning which made for the perfect start to my day. I’m still in the midst of perfecting my favorite pancake recipe; my trial-run yesterday was a bit of a flop, perhaps due to the fact that I usually eyeball/guestimate ingredient measurements according to consistency and attempting to design strict measurements for the purposes of writing a recipe skewed my liquid-to-dry ingredient measurements a bit. Nonetheless, I have some preliminary pictures for you to feast your eyes upon!

The ingredients that comprise my epic favorite pancake recipe.. cannot wait until I perfect all ingredient measurements and share it with you! They’re so nutritious but can also be paired down to be deliciously basic with ingredients you already have in your fridge and cupboard.


My matcha-of-choice at the moment. I think its reasonably priced (for its quality) at roughly ~$20 for a 30 serving package. This specific kind is best for baking and green smoothies. I would love to invest in matcha to make my own matcha lattes but that would involve purchasing an additional bamboo whisk to mix the matcha.. only time will tell if I make that investment, which will likely be on a whim!


Green pasta! Ever since my fiancé bought an affordable pasta maker (which essentially has multiple gradations to thin the dough as well as a fettucine & spaghetti “slicer” option) I’ve enjoyed making but moreso consuming homemade pasta. It tastes so much chewier, moister and (obviously) much more fresh than store-bought dry pasta. I was never a huge fan of pasta but with true homemade pasta, I’ve become a convert. And the basic components of pasta are so simple! Eggs, olive oil, and flour. We pureed one bundle of spinach (approximately 3-4 cups) and made a huge lump of dough that should be good for god knows how many servings. Not gonna lie, we indulged in two servings of hearty pasta last night.. suffering the consequences today.


I’ve had a hankering for pancakes all weekend but alas I ran out of vanilla almond milk.. Luckily I remembered a recipe for oh-so-simple banana pancakes on The Londoner’s blog (link in the first paragraph of this post). Essentially all you need are two bananas and an egg! Of course me being me I had to add a tablespoon of chia seeds and sprinkled some cocoa powder and match powder on my pancakes. Just look at ’em sizzling!


No fresh berries on hand today but I chopped up an additional banana and small cubes of butter to glisten the flapjacks before I devoured them. I probably should’ve sifted the matcha powder, oh well.



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