What are you thankful for?

Decided to take a break from documenting my reflections of my Lima vacation to reflect upon the upcoming holiday season and what that means for me. If anything, Thanksgiving serves as one point during the year where we’re called upon to give thanks for the bounty that we have, not reflect on lack thereof. There have been numerous studies that indicate that the key to increasing one’s level of happiness would be to reflect upon what we’re thankful for every day, even if it’s as simple as jotting down three things before you tuck into bed (I particularly enjoyed reading this HuffPost article). While we seek to get the best money can buy for our loved ones and friends around this time of year, I’m choosing to spend this holiday with less significance on giving and receiving new presents and more on creating wonderful warm memories upon which to reflect in the future.

A generous Thanksgiving meal with friends

Here are a couple of things for which I’m grateful this holiday season:

  1. Having the chance to move to Seattle. It wasn’t the easiest thing to transition from NYC–a city which I will continue to regard as the best city in the world–but I’m fortunate to have had the opportunity to move out of a job and industry which I grew bored of and to explore my personal and professional pursuits here on the West coast.
  2. Reawakening my love for EDM. Thanks to some of my best friends in NY who are huge fans of EDM, I’ve gotten back into loving EDM which has enabled me to better appreciate a different genre of music. Outlets such as Soundcloud really are instrumental in spreading popularity and mass appeal of up-and-coming artists. From hearing such artists like Cashmere Cat, Felix Jaehn, and Sam Feldt in concert, I’ve been able to expand my musical palate. I’m still eagerly anticipating making it to an Armin van Buuren concert sometime in the near future as his song In and Out of Love is and has been one of my absolutely favorite pieces of music ever.
  3. Getting back into fitness. I started off this year without owning a pair of sneakers and I’m ending the year with being a fan of running outdoors (something I actually feared all my life) and having experimented with 16-hour intermittent fasting (also known as ‘IF’)  and high-intensity interval training (HIIT). While I saw fantastic results with IF & HIIT this summer, both take quite a bit of determination to make it a regular part of your lifestyle. It can just be difficult to incorporate into your life if you’re living with someone who’s not following it. Hope to get back into it as it did nothing but benefit my body.
  4. Learning to be more conscientious of my finances. It has definitely helped that I now go out less, and am in a smaller city with fewer areas to shop at than back in NYC. Needless to say, I’ve taken less of a liking to accumulating new clothes, jewelry, shoes, etc as I have in the past. The times when I’ve spent my money have been for concerts, nights out and during my vacation in Lima wherein I also spent money on gifts for friends. All occasions that deserved every penny and with none of the buyer’s remorse I’ve faced when I’ve impulsively bought a new article of clothing.

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