February, the harshest month

In spite of it being my birthday month, I’ve had a tough relationship with the month of February. Back when I lived in NY, it was by far the coldest, snowiest, and darkest month of the year. While good intentions are set in the new year, it’s also difficult to push through the second month of the year with the same sort of motivation and determination that you had when it was seamless to follow the wave of the “Resolutions” crowd.

Nonetheless, I am a little proud at having clocked in 12 hours of yoga last month. What was once an annoying habit I seemed unable to shake of getting up around 5-6am (before squeezing in another hour of restless shuteye) managed to turn into regular morning yoga routines that encouraged me to wake up in a more intentional and mindful manner. As of now, I definitely prefer practicing yoga at home (for the ease of being able to roll out of bed and onto my mat) however I do see the value in attending some classes, especially because there are still some poses I want to do better and seem unable to remedy on my own.

Also, feel like it’s necessary to give a shoutout to Pie Bar – checked out this joint earlier this week and thoroughly enjoyed the selection of sweet & savory pies as well as the “pie-tini” drinks they had here (very sweet & alcoholic but it went with the pie!). Of course, if there are no pics it didn’t happen so feast your eyes below!

Scrumptious slice of Desserted Island pie (had a mix of different berries) with requisite vanilla ice cream and an Apple Pietini (very sweet & alcoholic). The partner had a savory pie (kind of like a pot pie) and sadly left his salad alone.
A chocolate peanut butter slice of pie – surprisingly not terribly heavy!

And for some other random bits and bobs…

Belated image of two batches of alfajores I made and brought to the office! They were a great snack that lasted the entire week.
Captivatingly powerfully red room on one of the floors of the Seattle Public Library – quickly becoming one of my go-to places due to the two music practice rooms available there, where I squeeze in an occasional hour-long piano practice.

While I’m still a jazz neophyte, I’ve been head over heels in love with this mix of jazz and samba. Makes me determined to attend this bossa nova performance in April as I generally love live music and the jazz alley where the performance is held comes highly recommended by a coworker. Replacing mindless TV with soulful music has been one of the best substitutes I’m actively making in my life. My brain has generally enjoyed not being bombarded with inane sound bites spewing from the TV monitor and enjoyed this replacement with contemplative, uplifting music.

Recommended Reading: Why So Many Rich Kids Come to Enjoy the Taste of Healthier Foods – As someone who studied Sociology, I was fascinated with this latest piece in The Atlantic. While it didn’t surprise me that richer families can afford to spend money to shove healthy food down their children’s throats, what was surprising was the idea that it’s this early childhood exposure to something that’s good for you (but not tasty) that enables children from well-off families to actually prefer healthier food later on in life. While I’ve had a complex relationship with food, I’ve been lucky in that the food with which I grew up (Korean food) is most vegetable-based and usually extremely healthy with lots of health benefits. While it took seeing a nutritionist back when I was in college to understand how the different macronutrients (fats, carbs, protein) affect me and that I was generally lacking a lot of protein in my diet (which led to moments of bingeing on carbs), once again, having easy access to a nutritionist is not a privilege every one in this world gets.


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