In Like a Lion – Pt. 1

They say that March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb. Winter in Seattle has been like a grisly lion, with more precipitation and overcast skies than I’ve ever handled. Read more below for a recap of the visual (read: photo heavy) & literary smorgasbord of the happenings of the last month.


Tejas from Peru! Love these unique candies – with a manjar blanco filling coated with a sugary fondant (that can contain pieces of lemon) or with chocolate, each one packs a powerful punch and is a sizable treat.
The giant squid at Pike Place Market

While most of last month was a mad rush of finding a new home, its officially been determined that this will be my last month living in Capitol Hill. I’ll dearly miss places such as Pike Place and am attempting to frequent it as much as possible as it won’t be an easy 10 minute walk away once I move!

Molé salami with mozzarella in ciabatta bread

I got my first taste of one of Salumi‘s incredible sandwiches – I wanted to stick to something simple and the molé salami with mozzarella in ciabatta bread did the trick. One sandwich was a hearty portion for a girl like me; my fiancé devoured it so quickly and for good reason – it’s enough to turn a vegetarian into a carnivore! The incredibly thinly-cut salami has more flavors than I could’ve ever imagined; coupled with chewy mozzarella and all encased in perfectly-baked ciabatta, it’s enough to make my mouth water. I feel fortunate to have this venue located within walking distance from my work.

Sweet pies from Pie Bar! L to R: Peanut Butter, Strawberry-Rhubarb, and Chocolate pies

Pie Bar is quickly turning out to be an addicting sweet spot for me. I continue to gravitate towards the pies that are more fruit and berry-based while the company I keep apparently has much more of a stronger sweet tooth (they chose a peanut butter and chocolate-based pie). Nonetheless, on both occasions I’ve been here, the pies (and requisite scoop of vanilla ice cream) have sufficed as both dinner & dessert. Come here with an empty stomach and you’re guaranteed to leave full and having maxed out your sugar quota for the week!

Theo Chocolate Tour – sampled 5-6 varieties of Theo Chocolate’s chocolate bars as well as one of their ganaches
Theobroma cacao plants

I recently took advantage of the hour-long tour of Theo Chocolate – while I’m not the world’s greatest chocolate aficionado, the experience was worthwhile as there were plenty of samples of their chocolate bars (I personally most enjoeyd the lemon and sea salt flavors) along with a tour of the factory space and the kitchen, with more samples of their ganaches/truffles. As tours do have a capacity limit, I recommend making a reservation before popping on by Fremont to take a tour of Theo. All in all, it’s an excellent marketing resource for Theo as well a fun little activity to understand a little more of this world-famous treat.

Spicy ramen (with extra pork belly & egg) and my Tonkotsu Ramen
Tonkotsu ramen & a mighty refreshing Calpico sour

NYC offers many strong ramen joints like Mu Ramen, Ramen-ya and the numerous offerings in East Village so finding a replacement here in Seattle was a tough task. Kizuki Ramen & Izakaya has been on my list since I moved to Seattle and in my attempt to visit as many new places as I can in my neighborhood before I move out at the end of the month, the boy and I tried out this place on a weekday evening. The atmosphere inside appropriately had some nice Japanese touches to it, such as waiters greeting customer entering and departing them when they left. As someone to whom both cuisine and atmosphere are of utmost importance, Kizuki was a pleasant surprise. The wait was a reasonable 15-20 min on a Thursday night, drinks we chose weren’t too strong (a plus for a lightweight like me) and the food was served with reasonable wait. You certainly get a hearty portion of savory broth, vegetables, noodles and meat for what you pay for. Would love to revisit at least once more before I leave this neighborhood.

Up next – February’s fitness


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