Summer has finally arrived to the Pacific Northwest – view of Pioneer Square and the waterfront from the rooftop of my work

I somehow managed to lose the entire first edit of this post whilst using WordPress’s desktop app.. here’s a second try. I realized I unintentionally fell into a trap of documenting the mundane and lost focus of maintaining a gem-like quality to each post in this blog. I don’t aspire to document everything that’s new or the biggest & best new thing to come to this city in which I live – someone can do that better. Instead, I can promise more thoughtful moments to be captured instead of a weekly run-down of “what I’ve done.” I feel that a blog would read like a teenager’s diary if I didn’t re-focus on the purpose of why I have this online outlet of mine. In the meantime, here’s a rundown of what’s been going on with me:

1. Moved Homes

Making nightly use of our fireplace at home – one of our first dinners at our new home: shrimp & octopus tempura with mango salsa

Several weeks ago, I moved from an apartment in Capitol Hill to renting a home in the Mount Baker neighborhood of Seattle. If it were up to me, I would’ve stayed in Downtown/Cap Hill forever as I love being in the center of things and really am content with being in a small space; however relationships are nothing if not a compromise so we managed to score a place with lots of space and a huge yard. Experiences like my latest move made me realize why I am only capable of moving once a year.. with packing, cleaning my old home, unpacking, then cleaning my new home, not to mention installing cable, internet and setting up utilities (which were a nightmare this time around)–I’m pretty sure I don’t want to move again! More pictures of the new home to come as we purchase some new rugs to furnish the place, along with some plants to make this space feel welcoming and more lively 🙂

2. Netflix Series: The Mind of a Chef

mind of a chef

This series came as a recommendation from one of my biggest foodie friends. She’s also one of the most inventive bakers by far, starting a bakery business as an undergrad at Cornell. The series is narrated by Anthony Bourdain (one of my favorite outspoken chefs) and season one primarily features David Chang (chef and owner of all the Momofuku joints in NYC, of which I’ve frequented their Noodle Bar and Milk bar) as he creates creative and captivating narratives traveling to places such as Japan to explore the origins and developments of ramen, yakitori, and sushi to San Sebastian to explore the Spanish culinary scene that embraces invention with maintaining the history behind their beloved traditional dishes. While I dislike typical cooking shows (Top Chef comes to mind) as it’s typically too showy and based far too much on the actual cooking, this series so far extends beyond the food and into the historical and cultural narrative of the significance of certain ingredients and types of cuisines that it’s far more enjoyable to watch than the Food Network.

3. Two Upcoming Trips to the Lone Star State, Texas


Have a trip to both Austin and Dallas, TX this month–while the former’s for a business conference and the latter is to visit one of my best friends, I can’t wait to get a glimpse of the American South. So far, my only exposure to the South was a childhood trip to Orlando, FL but I’m sure most Americans agree that Florida isn’t really considered the South – its pretty distinctly separate. At any rate, my friend Amy (from Dallas) was the first one I met while in college who gave me a positive impression of Texas and I’ve been longing to visit ever since. I have no idea what to expect aside from expecting humidity to hit me like no other in Austin – Seattle is pretty dry year-round (aside from when it rains, of course) so handling humidity is not something I’ve done since last summer back in NYC! Nonetheless, I’m sure there will be moments from both of those trips that will be worthy of being documented here.


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