Whirlwind in Austin

Fresh off my first trip to Texas, Austin is best described as an eclectic, youthful and vibrant pulse of the South. I leave this city with even more respect and appreciation for the wonderfully down-to-earth nature of Texans and eager anticipation to adventure and cavort in Dallas just 10 days from today. Open minds and open hearts really enable one to leave prejudices behind and have the appropriate mindset to welcome what is new and different. Here is a kaleidoscope of this past weekend’s Austin adventures:

Breathtakingly stunning view of Mount Rainier. This picture doesn’t do its scale any justice. Majestic white peaks soaring about the clouds always mesmerize.


Our AirBnB was decorated with so many deer-based knick knacks. Like this deer painted on canvas. Deer and pigs were big themes in restaurants and bars in this city.


Took advantage of strolling around the outside patio of Jacoby’s overlooking the Colorado River. When in Texas!


Eagerly anticipated the comfort food options at Jacoby’s


Had too many laughs hula hooping and guzzling strawberry lemonade drinks that tasted much like liquid candy at Lustre Pearl after dinner.


Recovered and hydrated with Friday brunch at Launderette, a converted gas station/Laundromat


Eclectic vintage decor but overall contributed to that sense of being comfortable enough in a distant relative’s summer home.


Relishing every last bite! Such a variety of greens in my salad (along with tuna) and the cauliflower was baked to the most beautiful golden brown.


Alas, we did come to Austin for business. Saturday was Conference Day. 20 speakers from 9am to 5pm. A very cloudy, humid day all in all. Luckily we had this BBQ lunch from Salt Lick to look forward to, though the food coma that followed was legit.


It felt like summer and so I looked like summer in this Rag & Bone white dress, cork wedges, and a lilac Matt & Nat purse. The humidity hit me like no other, so excuse the limp hair – I was at my wit’s end trying to figure out what to do with it.


Two consecutive nights of going out (both to Rainey St and Sixth St) took a toll on us so after dinner at The Hightower, we called it an early night. Actually had a short flight back home as I was fortunate enough to have had a loquacious and engaging seat partner on the flight back. Luckily adventures to follow shortly next week!


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