What is best about summer in Seattle?

Oh summer, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways. With over 16 hours of daylight, limited precipitation (FINALLY!), little to no humidity and an abundance of daylight in which to explore the town, it truly feels as if the options are limitless during this season of the year. After the successful running routine I established for myself when I first got into fitness last summer, I’m back it again, but obviously making sure I indulge in delicious eats around town.

1. Running around Lake Washington

Sure there are boats, but the ducks and geese in the lake are by far the more amusing attraction!
Running by the lake – a mood-boosting (and free!) early evening pick-me-up

Since I moved from Cap Hill to the Mount Baker neighborhood of Seattle in March, I’ve been trying to find some places that are unique and add character to this neighborhood. In addition to my neighborhood yoga studio, I’ve found a running trail on the west side of Lake Washington that’s only a stone’s throw away from home. Perfect for an early morning or post-work run, I thoroughly anticipate taking advantage of refreshing lakeside breeze, and the anonymous camaraderie I get from fellow runners and bikers that populate the trail.

2. Indulging in fresh seafood

At the one and only Taylor Shellfish and their happy hour oyster deals

It’s no doubt that Taylor Shellfish has the best priced, and tastiest oysters in Seattle. I’ve turned into more of a fresh seafood aficionado while I’ve been here (partaking in funny looking critters like the geoduck – google it) and for good reason. The Taylor Shellfish in Pioneer Square holds happy hours from 4-6pm making it the absolute perfect time to try out the oyster of the day and wash it with a $5 glass of cava brut. The libations are refreshing and the fresh seafood will cure your body just about every day of the week.

3. Happy hour marathons

One of the best things about NYC were the slew of happy hour venues (and places that turn into late-night scenes) in every single neighborhood within the boroughs. While Seattle is a more sprawling and smaller city compared to NYC, I’m attempting to get all that I can out of this town by having some more of these intense happy hour marathon outings. Even though I don’t have much of a tolerance for my liquor, on one Thursday evening in particular, some coworkers and I indulged in sampling bites and drinks from Good Bar, Casco Antiguo, and The Bar Shoppe in Pioneer Square, afterwards migrating to Cap Hill for libations at Capitol Cider, Sun Liquor Distillery (where we indulged in digestifs I did not need), complete with dinner at Kedai Makan, my new favorite Asian eatery in that neighborhood. Who knew Malaysian food would be similar to Vietnamese cuisine with flavors that pack a memorable punch no matter the state of your sobriety!

4. Alfresco dining


Taqueria El Asadero – a neighborhood taco bus open 7 days a week with fresh tacos made to order. Easiest way to get full with <$10

Yes, I’m keeping it: a) affordable, b) local and c) TASTY as my current go-to “alfresco” dining option. Since having first tried Taqueria El Asadero earlier this month, I’ve been HOOKED. With $1.75 tacos, $1 guac and a burrito ($6.50) that is roughly 50% larger than that of Chipotle’s, you CANNOT go wrong with the quantity of food, juiciness of the meat, and on-point quality of Mexican delicacies you can choose here. While house in an unassuming bus, I have no complaints from any of my many meal options I’ve indulged and continue to take out-of-towners to this little gem in Mt Baker.



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