Restoring the old into new

Even the most beauty-obsessed amongst us fall into a rut or a hiatus wherein we lose some inspiration. Despite living in an casual environment that really doesn’t encourage the sharpest dressing, I decided it was time to maintain regular beauty regimens and to dig into my old stash of polishes to ensure that even if I’m not as meticulous as Olivia Palermo (who gets a fresh manicure every four days!) I can re-instate good habits.

As I’ve been collecting nail polishes since I was a freshman in college, it’s hardly surprising that I faced the challenge of trying to restore my varnishes back to their former liquidy and smooth-application glory. I popped into my local Sally’s a few days ago and picked up the cheapest nail polish thinner available and got right to experimenting.

Having restored my old polishes back into new, it’s a necessity!

Luckily this product’s cap is designed so that even when you’re holding the product upside down, droplets of thinner pour out (versus a steady stream). Also, you’ll need to adjust the number of drops of thinner you pour into your polish depending on how “thick” it is. I used my go-to top coat of the moment, Sally Hansen Diamond Flash Fast Dry Top Coat as the genuine pig. As it’s the only top coat I currently own and as I was desperate to remove my week-old butter London Tea with the Queen manicure and replace it with one of my favorite blue-reds (OPI Red Hot Ayers Rock – discontinued, sadly), I was quite keen on making sure my top coat restored to its former glory.

It took more thinner than I anticipated to restore my top coat back to its former perfection. I tried 4-5 drops at first but it took me pouring drops constantly for a good 20 seconds for me to achieve the near-perfect consistency. Luckily, this success led me to rummage through the contents of my entire nail polish collection (26 lacquers!) and to transform those that weren’t looking like new. And I managed to give myself an at-home mani (experimenting with daily use of a cuticle treatment like Burts Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream) with all polishes (base, main and top) performing flawlessly from having been treated with polish thinner, an absolute must-have for anyone with nail polish!

My veritable & trustworthy collection of Essie, OPI, butter London and more

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