Those who seek the best of the best

Anyone who shares an obsession and love for getting their life in order (or as least the semblance of it) understands how hard it is to find a trusted source on which to rely. Whether it’s a down-to-earth beauty blog (like Into the Gloss) that isn’t a shameless promotion or an inspirational editorial-like blog that compels one to straighten their beauty act (like Olivia Palermo’s blog), once you find such gems, it’s like life is made a little simpler.

As someone with a penchant for the best and desire to only use and be engaged with la crème de la crème, it should come as no surprise that my recent discovery of Rank & Style has made it oh so easy to discover – in one place! – the top trending items in the areas of beauty (skincare & makeup) and fashion. From what I’ve glanced, it appears that Rank & Style’s website incorporates an algorithm to compile data from multiple sources and to consequently rank the ones that are most loved/purchased/talk-of-the-town. It can be HARD for one person to read 10 different fashion magazines and compile what one wants to try and buy next so the idea of having compiled data like that all in one website is pretty neat.

Like any young working professional, I’m still finding that perfect balance between price and value. Perhaps unlike most in my age group (early 20s), I still prefer to spot those under-the-radar “hidden gems.” For instance, you won’t catch me wearing a perfume you can buy at Sephora–I have devote loyalty to niche perfume houses that specialize in concocting the highest quality fragrance oil blends. Whether it be my love for the easy downtown chic of The Reformation clothing, with Aritzia as a close top contender, or my preference for Japanese hair salons (of which there are copious in NYC), and hair products from the Japanese brand Milbon (I find Asian hair products work better on my Asian hair), I’m quite particular and picky about what I like. But Rank & Style seems like a good starting place to scope out some things I may have ordinarily not given a second thought 🙂

Screen Shot 2016-08-26 at 11.48.23 PMIn fact, it was from Rank & Style that I got to peruse some new work clothing items, in particular this J Crew Thomas Mason Boy Shirt. While I’ve never been a fan of boyfriend-style jeans or wearing men’s shirts in public, I have an undying love for crispy white button downs and this particular one is something I wouldn’t have considered had it not made it to the rankings of R&S. Will be scouring my local J. Crew store quite soon to see if this bad boy is indeed worth the hype…


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